Hook to fetch the list of published pages.
It won't return pages with status "DRAFT".


The usePagesPublic hook accepts an optional configuration object with the following props:

type?: string
types?: string[]
tag?: string
language?: string
usePagination?: boolean
page?: number
pageSize?: number
sort?: string
typeOptional string to return only the pages with the specified page type.
typesOptional array of strings to return only the pages with one of the specified page types.
tagOptional string to return only the pages with the specified tag.
languageOptional language for the page. If not specified, the default language will be used.
usePaginationIf true, it will consider the page and pageSize parameters and it will return paginated results
pageThe page number, in case of pagination
pageSizeThe page size, in case of pagination
sortSort parameter: currently it accepts only createdAt,-createdAt,publishedAt,-publishedAt

Return value

The hook returns an object with { data, error, isFetching } and other properties.

data contains:

Usage example

const { data, error, isFetching } = usePages()
const { data, error, isFetching } = usePages({
type: 'products',
usePagination: true,
pageSize: 20,
page: 1,