Repeater Items

repeaterItems should be an array with one configuration object for each repeated block.
The configuration object has the following shape:


interface IRepeaterItem {
name: string
itemType: string
itemLabel?: string
min?: number
max?: number

Properties definition

nameName of the prop passed to the component with these repeated items
itemTypeIt corresponds to the unique name of the repeated Brick type (for example "feature-item")
itemLabel?Optional label used for the Add / Remove buttons. If none is provided, the repeated brick's label is used as fallback
minMinimum number of repeated items allowed
maxMaximum number of repeated items allowed

Usage example

YourBrick.schema {
repeaterItems: [
name: 'buttons',
itemType: 'button',
itemLabel: 'Button',
min: 0,
max: 2,