The schema property

Each brick should have a schema static property, which has the following TypeScript interface:


interface IBlockType {
name: string
label: string // for the Add menu
getDefaultProps: () => object
hideFromAddMenu?: boolean
sideEditProps?: Array<ISideEditProp | ISideGroup>
repeaterItems?: IRepeaterItem[]
playgroundLinkUrl?: string
playgroundLinkLabel?: string

The ISideEditProp / ISideGroup interface is explained in the Side edit props page.
The Repeater interface is explained in the Repeater page.

Properties definition

nameThe unique name for this block type (for example "hero-unit").
labelThe name displayed in the Sidebar when you want to add a new block (for example "Hero Unit").
getDefaultPropsA function returning the default props for new added blocks.
hideFromAddMenuIf true, the component isn't shown in the list of components available in the "add block" menu. For example, you may want to hide a block that can be used only inside of a <Repeater />.
sideEditPropsThe array of objects representing the props the user will be able to modify in the right Sidebar, with their display properties. See Side Edit Props.
repeaterItemsArray to specify behaviour of the bricks used in the <Repeater> components. See Repeater.
playgroundLinkUrlUrl to link in the Playground, for example to link docs, guidelines, etc.
playgroundLinkLabelText for the link in the Playground, for example to link docs, guidelines, etc.

Usage example

HeroUnit.schema = {
name: 'hero-unit',
label: 'Hero Unit',
// Defaults when a new brick is added
getDefaultProps: () => ({
background: { color: '#fff', className: 'bg-white' },
title: 'Thick as a React Brick',
// Sidebar Edit props
sideEditProps: [
name: 'background',
label: 'Background',
type: types.SideEditPropType.Select,
selectOptions: {
display: types.OptionsDisplay.Color,
options: [
// The color is the unique mandatory property for a "color" select
{ value: { color: '#fff', className: 'bg-white' }, label: 'White' },
value: { color: '#f3f4f6', className: 'bg-gray-100' },
label: 'Gray',