Starter projects

We suggest you to start using one of the starter projects, to be up and running quickly, without having to grasp all the details of the React Bricks framework.

You have two ways to use a starter project:

  1. Use the CLI (best way): the CLI will not only download the repo, but also create a new React Bricks app if needed, configure the project and set your credentials in the .env file
  2. Clone a starter project repository, change the package name in package.json and configure the credentials of your app in the .env file (you need to have already an app for this project or create a new one from the Dashboard)

Starter projects Repos

If you decide to clone the repositories yourself, instead of using the CLI, you may find the starter projects repositories here:


Create React App

Coming Soon

Starters for Gatsby and to create a Blog

Next steps

When you have your project set up, we suggest that you